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Blumenthal Statement on Eighth Anniversary of Sandy Hook Shooting

(HARTFORD, CT) – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) issued the following statement on the eighth anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting:

“We mark this painful anniversary with renewed resolve - to honor beautiful lives lost with positive action, and redouble efforts against gun violence under a new administration. Eight years have passed since our nation experienced this unspeakable act of violence, the pain and grief have not and will never diminish with time. I am in constant awe of the strength and fortitude of the families of the victims – and the thousands of others who suffer such pain each day.

In honor of the memory of those we have lost, our nation must commit itself in the coming year to commonsense gun reform measures. Measures that Congress inexcusably has refused to pass, despite pleas of families from Sandy Hook, Guilford, Parkland, Orlando, Littleton, Las Vegas, and the countless communities that are impacted by acts of gun violence across our nation.

Each time I meet with a family that has lost a loved one, my resolve strengthens. I will not stop fighting for them until the scourge of gun deaths ends.”