Academy Nominations

**For information regarding the 2021 Military Service Academy Night click the link below: 

 Service Academy Night 2021

Academy Nominations

To be considered for nomination to one of our prestigious service academies please complete the following form

Applications for the United States’s prestigious service academies are handled by the Congressional offices of the applicants’ home state. If you would like to apply through Senator Blumenthal’s office, please complete the following application, and call the office if you need more information.


An application file is considered complete in Senator Blumenthal’s office when it contains the following five (5) items:

  1. Completed application for nomination: Once received, the file will be updated as soon as possible. Applicants may check their status on-line by logging into the Senator's Service Academy web site. Soon after your application has been completed, you will be sent an acknowledgment.
  2. Official high school transcripts: Must arrive in a sealed envelope from your guidance counselor. Official college transcripts must be issued by the appropriate office.
  3. SAT and/or ACT scores. Applicants may notify the SAT/ACT testing centers at (609) 771-7600 to request that scores be sent directly to Senator Blumenthal's office, SAT Code – 3330, ACT code 7113. Due to the cost of requesting original copies, guidance counselors may submit these scores with the candidate's official transcripts.
  4. Two recommendations. These letters may be written by individuals (designated by an applicant), teachers, principals, coaches, employers, clergy, neighbors, or other non-family members who can accurately comment on an applicant's character, abilities and potential for success in an academy environment and subsequently, in military service. Each recommendation must be limited to one page. Additional letters beyond the designated two references will not be considered.
  5. Signed Acknowledgment Form. Complete, sign, and mail your acknowledgment form. You may download the forms from our website here.

Please submit the application materials listed in items 2 through 5 to Senator Blumenthal's Office:

The Office of Senator Richard Blumenthal
United States Senator
Attn: Academy Nomination Coordinator
90 State House Square
Tenth Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

Materials submitted to Senator Blumenthal's office will not be returned to the applicant. For an application to be considered complete it must be filled out entirely and all additional documents above received in Senator Blumenthal's Office by 5 p.m., Friday, October 1, 2021*. Any application file not completed by this time will not be considered. Those candidates who did not receive an appointment in previous years and desire to reapply are required to complete a new application package.

Applicant interviews will be conducted in Senator Blumenthal's Hartford office on Saturday, October 16th and Sunday, October 17th.

*We understand that SAT/ACT test scores may not be available by our deadline for tests taken in October.  We will accept October scores when they come in. If the October test scores are the only scores you are submitting to our office, please email or call Senator Blumenthal's Service Academy Coordinator at (860) 258-6940 before the deadline to inform our office.