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Helping the people of Connecticut is Senator Blumenthal's number one priority. Dealing with federal agencies and programs can be very time-consuming, confusing and frustrating for most people. Senator Blumenthal and his office stand ready to help you with your federal government problems, no matter how big or small those problems may be.

Senator Blumenthal has a dedicated staff of Constituent Liaisons whose job it is to help the Senator assist Connecticut residents. From the Social Security Administration and Veterans Affairs to the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of State and everything in between, Senator Blumenthal's office can help you understand your rights and responsibilities relative to the agencies and their programs and help you navigate the federal bureaucracy to solve your problem.

Whether you are having trouble getting a loan modification for your mortgage or you can’t find affordable health insurance, Senator Blumenthal wants to hear from you. At the bottom of this page, you will see a link to a resources page where there is additional issue specific information. Otherwise, click on the get assistance button to complete an online form and privacy release to request help from Senator Blumenthal's office. Please note that the Privacy Act of 1974 requires that the office obtain your direct authorization before we can contact a federal agency on your behalf. It is extremely important that you fill out, sign, and mail Senator Blumenthal's Hartford office the privacy release form, so that we can help you.

If your issue is urgent or time sensitive, please call Senator Blumenthal's Hartford office at

If you would rather send the Senator a message, please click here.

Help From
My Office

Senator Blumenthal's office can help you if...

  • You are a Connecticut resident. If you are a resident of another state, please contact your U.S. Senators or U.S. Representative.
  • Your problem is with a federal government agency or program

What Senator Blumenthal's office can do for you...

  • Act as a liaison with federal agencies
  • Assist with applying for benefits, such as Social Security or Medicare
  • Help you obtain basic information from a federal agency
  • Submit an inquiry with a federal agency on your behalf
  • Request information or a status report
  • Request that an agency consider or reconsider your case 

What my office cannot do...

  • Force a federal agency to act in your favor or speed up your case
  • Overturn or influence a judge’s decision
  • Provide legal advice

Out of

Senator Blumenthal's office may refer you elsewhere for the following issues:

State Issues

While Senator Blumenthal strives to help Connecticut residents with their problems, even if they do not involve the federal government, Senator Blumenthal has no authority or jurisdiction over state or municipal agencies. Senator Blumenthal will do his best to help you, but you may also want to contact your state senator or state representative. The State of Connecticut’s website,, also has links to every state agency and the Governor’s office, which may also be of use if you have a state issue.

Judicial Issues

If you need legal help or have a question about pending litigation, Senator Blumenthal's office cannot intervene. The separation of powers between the legislative branch (Congress) and the judicial branch, where legal issues are decided prohibits the office from intervening. This includes questions about criminal trials or imprisonment, deportation proceedings, child custody issues, and civil lawsuits. If you need legal advice, you may wish to visit the Connecticut Bar Association's lawyer referral service or contact Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut.

Child Support

If you have an existing child support order and need assistance with enforcement or modification of the order, you should contact the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Support Enforcement Services. If you do not have an existing child support order and want to establish one, you should contact the Connecticut Department of Social Services’ Bureau of Child Support Enforcement (BCSE). Under Federal regulations, BCSE is required to provide child support services to any individual or agency upon request. To request BCSE child support services, an individual may either apply through their local child support agency or submit their request to BCSE directly.

Other concerns regarding orders of visitation or custody should be handled by your private attorney and must be determined by a judge.