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Blumenthal Slams White House Decision to Overrule DOJ, FBI, and Release the Nunes Memo

[WASHINGTON, DC] – Following reports that President Trump has approved the release of a classified memorandum – which was a materially altered version of what was voted on by the House Intelligence Committee – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) slammed the effort as a partisan, dangerous distraction from the ongoing Russia probe:

“This despicably wrong decision is a desperate attempt by President Trump and his Capitol Hill lackeys to smear the Special Counsel – and it will fail. This document changes nothing. It regurgitates now well-worn and widely discredited Republican talking points,” Blumenthal said.

“Reckless release of this memo adds evidence to the growing credible case of obstruction of justice against the President and his associates. This distorted partisan document politically weaponizes our law enforcement and intelligence systems. It recalls the dark days of McCarthy-era character assassination, dragging national security into a partisan gutter. History will condemn colleagues who stood silent in complicity as the President subverted the rule of law to protect himself and score political points.”