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Senator Blumenthal's office is proud to work with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to ensure appropriate benefits and assistance for qualifying Connecticut residents. If you’ve had your benefits denied, withheld or feel as though an error has occurred relating to your SSA benefits, Senator Blumenthal's office will gladly work with the SSA to try and resolve the issue. The Social Security Administration oversees multiple programs including retirement benefits, Social Security Disability benefits, Social Security Supplemental Income benefits, and Survivors benefits.

Please understand that for Social Security Disability (SSD) claims Senator Blumenthal's office cannot expedite your hearing date or influence the determination made by your hearing officer or the Administrative Law Judge. However, the office is happy to provide you with a status update regarding any pending SSD claims you may have.

Before contacting Senator Blumenthal's office please visit

If you have contacted SSA and not received a resolution to your issue, please fill out the online form and privacy release below. Please print, sign and send the privacy release to Senator Blumenthal's Hartford office. Once it is received, a member of Senator Blumenthal's Constituent Services team will contact you to discuss how the office can best help you resolve your issue. Please allow up to two weeks from the time we receive your privacy release for Senator Blumenthal's office to contact you.

If your issue is urgent or time sensitive, please call Senator Blumenthal's Hartford office at 860-258-6940.