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Congressionally Directed Spending Fiscal Year 2025

Senator Richard Blumenthal is now accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2025 Congressionally Directed Spending requests. The deadline for submissions is Sunday, April 14th at 11:59 PM.

As a reminder, Congressionally Directed Spending requests, also known as Community Project Funding or Earmarks, are funding requests for high-impact, Connecticut-based projects that can be completed with assistance from the federal government. The project must meet the eligibility requirements for at least one of the accounts listed below. Further guidance on what each account entails can be found here. For-profit entities are not eligible to receive Congressionally Directed Spending.

If you have questions about your Congressionally Directed Spending request, please contact us at

Fiscal Year 2025 CDS Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Project Submissions: