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On One-Year Anniversary Of Sandy, Blumenthal Vows To Continue Fighting For Connecticut’s Fair Share Of Rebuilding Dollars

(Washington, DC) – Today, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) issued the following statement on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy:

“One year ago today, Hurricane Sandy ripped through Connecticut, crashing coastal communities, destroying homes and businesses, and displacing families – forever altering Connecticut’s coastline. When the storm cleared and the cost of the destruction was tallied, Connecticut was left with a $770 million bill. Now, 12 months later, areas that were battered by Sandy are only just receiving long-awaited federal assistance. This assistance took too long to reach the struggling, strong Connecticut victims of Sandy – and still the dollar amounts are too small. I will continue to fight for our fair share, especially from new funds such as the $100 million announced today by the Secretary of Interior for coastline resilience.

“For Connecticut, as well as New York and New Jersey, the pain and suffering wrought by Sandy are not over. But the improvements taking place all across our state speak volumes about the determined nature of our residents and our foresight to prepare for what we understand to be a new normal with regard to the changing frequency of what used to be once-in-a-generation storms.”

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