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Lieberman, Blumenthal, Larson Announce over $350,000 in Funds to Charter Oak Community Health Center

(Hartford, CT) – Senators Joe Lieberman, Richard Blumenthal, and Congressman John Larson today announced a $358,333 federal grant for Charter Oak Community Health Center in Hartford. This week is National Community Health Center week.

The award, made possible by the Affordable Care Act, is a part of a $28.8 million investment by the United States Department of Health and Human Services that will boost 67 community health centers across the country and establish new health care sites that will serve an additional 286,000 patients.

“Charter Oak Health Center has made a difference for so many in our community, and I’m glad that these funds will help Charter Oak to continue its vital mission of providing affordable and quality care to individuals and families in the great city of Hartford,” Lieberman said. 

Said Senator Blumenthal, visiting Charter Oak today, “These resources for Charter Oak Health Center will support the preventive services that keep our community healthy and ultimately save taxpayers money on emergency health care costs. I admire our community health centers across Connecticut that provide a vital service to hundreds of thousands of patients and remain on the front lines of our health care system, providing high-quality affordable care that patients need and deserve.”

“The services provided by the Charter Oak Community Health Center are critical to the well-being of residents throughout the city of Hartford,” Congressman Larson said. “The funding in this grant will help the men and women of Charter Oak continue to provide the top rate care we have all come to expect from them. Whether it is removing barriers to protection or adequately funding community health centers like Charter Oak, the Affordable Care Act continues to help create a healthier America.”

Community health centers in Connecticut received over 1.5 million visits and served over 300,000 patients last year – one third of their patients are children.  The 13 community health centers across Connecticut provide a range of essential care including immunizations, prenatal care, primary care services, and behavioral and dental care in regions where care is most limited.