Connecticut Delegation Resolution Condemning Horrific Attack On Sandy Hook Elementary School, And Expressing Support And Prayers For Those Impacted By The Tragedy Passes Senate, House

(Washington, DC) – This evening, the Connecticut Delegation introduced a resolution that condemned the horrific attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. and expressed support and prayers for those impacted by the tragedy. The resolution passed the Senate (S.Res. 621) and the House (H.Res.833) by unanimous consent.

Text of the resolution is below:




S. Res.621/H.Res.833

Condemning the horrific attacks in Newtown, Connecticut, and expressing support  and  prayers for all those impacted by that tragedy.




Condemning the horrific attacks in Newtown, Connecticut, and expressing support   and prayers for all those impacted by that  tragedy.


Whereas, on December 14, 2012, a mass shooting took place at  Sandy  Hook Elementary  School in  Newtown, Connecticut;


Whereas the people of the United States mourn the 26 innocent lives, including those of 20 children, that  have been lost at  Sandy Hook Elementary School in this  unimaginable tragedy;


Whereas the  people of the United States  will always remember the victims of the  previous mass shootings that  have occurred in  the United States and stand in  solidarity with the survivors; and


Whereas  the  quick  action  of  law  enforcement  officials  and other  first  responders  prevented. additional losses of life: 


Now, therefore, be it


Resolved, That the Senate–


(1)   condemns the  senseless  attack   at   Sandy Hook  Elementary  School in  Newtown, Connecticut,  on Friday, December 14, 2012;


(2)  offers  condolences  to  all  of  the  students, teachers, administrators,  and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary School, as well  as  their  families, and recognizes that  the  healing process will be long and difficult for the entire Newtown community;


(3)  honors the selfless, dedicated service of–


(A)   the teachers, school administrators, school support  staff, medical professionals, and others in the greater Newtown community;


(B)  the emergency response teams and law enforcement  officials  who responded  to  the  attack; and


(C)  the law enforcement officials who continue to investigate the attack; and


(4)  remains committed to working together to help prevent tragedies like this from  ever happening again.


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