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Blumenthal Statement on Supreme Court's Deadlocked United States v. Texas Decision

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) released the following statement today in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 4-4 split decision today in United States v. Texas. Blumenthal joined 224 members of Congress in filing an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in support of the Obama administration’s executive actions in the United States v. Texas case.  

“Today’s deadlocked decision tragically leaves in place the Fifth’s Circuit’s incorrect and inhumane ruling. The ruling is an attack not just on the basic principles of administrative law, but on millions of immigrant families who are at risk of being torn apart from each other and away from the only life they have ever known. We are talking about real lives here. We are talking about fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons. We are talking about the New Haven mother I met who tearfully told me of the deep anxiety she feels living everyday with the fear that she will be deported while her children remain here. She has stepped bravely out of the shadows to give a face to this issue, and I am deeply saddened that the Supreme Court’s split decision today means the Administration cannot focus on deporting dangerous criminals rather than her hardworking family.”

“The Supreme Court’s paralysis on this critical issue exposes the human cost of Republicans’ refusal to fill the current vacancy. This sheer, unprecedented obstructionism is damaging our nation’s highest court, jeopardizing our democracy, and leaving heartbroken families in its wake.”