Blumenthal Statement on Senate’s Bipartisan Coronavirus Stimulus Funding Passage

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) released the following statement after the bipartisan coronavirus stimulus funding passed in the Senate:

“This bipartisan agreement makes massive investments necessary to meet this historic crisis. It is a monumental next step, but there must be more. It is a big and bold initiative – imperfect but imperative. Not a panacea, but powerful remedies for recovery. With the disease spreading, and thousands already out of work, action is fiercely urgent.”

“Doctors are desperate for tests, face masks, protective equipment, ventilators, and additional beds to treat patients. A medical Marshall Plan will provide $130 billion in direct aid to hospitals, health centers, and other providers, expanding vaccine production and bolstering production of urgently needed supplies.”

“This bill will put desperately needed cash in hands of families, workers and small businesses. Through a massive expansion of unemployment compensation, workers who lose their jobs will receive full pay or close to it for four months. Low and middle-income Americans struggling to pay their bills will get a one-time cash payment of $1,200, with more available for larger families. Tens of millions of dollars will be available to small businesses in Connecticut in days, not weeks. I’ll be working closely with the Governor to ensure that we bring back every possible dollar to support our state. We’ve also made major additional investments in affordable housing and food assistance programs.”

“I’m disappointed that airlines again receive taxpayer dollars from consumers but refuse to implement even basic consumer protections. I’m going to keep fighting for the flying public, but at least thousands of airline workers will keep their jobs. And we learned our lesson from past airline bailouts – no million dollar executive bonuses or stock buybacks this time. We all have preferences that were unmet but we cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good during this historic moment of extreme, urgent crisis.”

“American lives are on the line.”