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Blumenthal Statement On Retirement Of GM General Counsel Michael Millikin

(Hartford, CT) - U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) today released the following statement after General Motors (GM) announced that its General Counsel Michael Millikin will retire early next year.

“During July's Senate Commerce Committee hearing, I pressed Mr. Millikin for straightforward answers and a commitment to justice for the victims of GM's corporate concealment, as well as for accountability going forward. His responses at the time indicated that he was more concerned with protecting GM's reputation and bottom line than with changing its culture. I said at the time that he should resign immediately, as he was not serving the company or the public interest.

“With Mr. Millikin's retirement, GM has an opportunity to bring in fresh leadership and sever another tie to the Old GM. I hope that Mr. Millikin's replacement is willing to prioritize driver safety and openness in ways that neither Mr. Millikin nor GM has thus far been willing to do. First and foremost, the new general counsel should commit to the victims and families of any defective GM car that the company will not hide behind its bankruptcy and governmental bailout to shield itself from liability for wrongdoing. Additionally, the company should reconsider expanding its compensation fund being administered by Ken Feinberg to include anyone who suffered serious injuries from any GM car that has been recalled due to serious safety defects.”