Blumenthal Statement on Confirmation of Christopher Wray as FBI Director

[WASHINGTON, DC] – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) released the following statement on Senate confirmation of Christopher Wray as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“I was proud to support Christopher Wray tonight, just as I did during the Judiciary Committee hearing on his nomination. He is a true professional, and as non-politically associated as anyone can be. Like the FBI itself, Wray is known for his independence and integrity – two qualities needed today at the FBI and in the FBI Director. The FBI Director serves the Constitution and people of the United States, not the President alone – he must be independent of political interference and his integrity must be unquestioned. 

“Never before have the rule of law and our democratic institutions been so threatened by political interference. The likelihood of threat is increasing: the threat of political interference from the White House, of President Trump firing Special Counsel Bob Mueller, of President Trump using Attorney General Sessions as a vehicle to fire Bob Mueller. The most important priority for Christopher Wray will be to protect the independence and integrity of the Special Counsel investigation. Wray will be a key decision maker in providing resources necessary to do lengthy legwork in the Russian investigation, as well as a critical ally and source of support.

“The FBI is charged with upholding the rule of law – the essence of our democracy – including the mandate that wrongdoing will be prosecuted no matter how powerful the target. The Bureau deserves a leader with integrity and strength necessary for that solemn duty. Mr. Wray has shown himself to be that kind of leader. I believe he will bring that experience, credibility, expertise, and leadership to the FBI.”

Blumenthal spoke on the Senate Floor prior to the vote. Video of Blumenthal’s remarks is available here.