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Blumenthal Issues Statement In Response To Mississippi Legislator’s Call For Gun Manufacturers To Move Out Of Connecticut

(Hartford, CT) – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) issued the following statement today in response to letters sent to three Connecticut gun manufacturers by Mississippi Speaker of the House of Representatives Philip Gunn urging them to relocate to Mississippi: 

"In deciding to stay or locate here, companies will consider that our state has the best and most skilled workforce in the nation, a superlative quality of life and a superior education system. We support second amendment rights and responsible gun ownership, far from demonizing fire arms products made here. We have supported those constitutional rights along with lawful activities like recreational shooting and hunting."

"This preposterous pitch to companies with long, successful histories in our state shows the need for national standards and statutes to reduce gun violence.  Competition among states for less protective laws is a race to the bottom that should be avoided. The poison of illegal gun trafficking respects no state boundaries and threatens to cause more horrific tragedies like Newtown and the 1,900 gun violence deaths that have occurred since then. Responsible gun manufacturers and owners have welcomed reasonable, common sense measures to reduce gun violence and I will continue to reach out to both groups." 


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