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Blumenthal Features '#WhyIMarch' Testimonies from Connecticut Marchers on His Facebook Page

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] – As thousands of Connecticut citizens participate in women’s marches in Washington and Hartford, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) today featured testimonies from marchers explaining “#WhyIMarch” on his Facebook page. Blumenthal attended the Women’s March on Washington with his family and a large group of Connecticut marchers.

“Why do I march? I'm joining my wife, Cynthia, three of our four children, thousands from Connecticut and many more from around the country, to stand and march together for causes and values critical to our nation's future. They are truly American values-- like civil rights and liberties, equal justice under law, women's ‎health care, good jobs and economic opportunity for all. They are all threatened,” Blumenthal wrote on his Facebook page today. “In the tradition of Martin Luther King, whose birthday we just celebrated and whose own march ignited and inspired America, we move forward together in solidarity. Bridging differences of race, religion, gender, national origin, sexual identity, culture, and political affiliation--we raise our voices together in the Capitol's shadow. We know our diversity makes us stronger. I will be asking other Connecticut marchers to give their answers to this same question: Why do we march?”

For the rest of today and tomorrow, Blumenthal will share testimonies on his Facebook page from Connecticut marchers giving their reasons for #WhyIMarch. Below are a few of the testimonies.  

Jennifer from Cromwell said, “I march for my son who is black, my son who has a disability, my daughters who want pay equity and reproductive rights. I march for you and your children. I march because when one of us is oppressed none of us are free.”

Ingrid from Danbury said, “I March to honor and stand on the shoulders of those who spoke up for me and who fought courageously to provide me with the freedoms I hold today. I March with my 11 year old daughter today to pass on that legacy. Together, we pledge our voices to ensure those freedoms and protections are equitable, just, inclusive and empower ALL people.”

Catherine and Kate, a mother and daughter from New London, said,  “We march for the rights of women and to ensure that those in power create laws that protect the right of ALL to 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'”