Blumenthal Calls For Epsilon to be Held Accountable, Protect Consumers after Security Breach

*Editor's Note: Please See Today’s NYT Editorial*

(Hartford, CT) –Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) continued his action to hold the email marketing firm Epsilon accountable for a security breach that was reported earlier this month. Today, Blumenthal called for answers from Epsilon’s CEO Bryan Kennedy with regards to how the company plans to help consumers in the coming months and how they will prevent this type of data from being compromised in the future.

Last week, Blumenthal wrote to Kennedy, expressing concern and asking for answers to questions regarding the breach. Blumenthal had previously written to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to request an investigation into the breach.

“This data in the wrong hands can be extremely damaging to the financial well-being of a number of consumers across Connecticut, some of whom might not know their identifying information has been compromised,” said Blumenthal. “Epsilon owes it to these consumers to provide them with tools to ensure the safety of identification and financial information, and also to take serious steps towards preventing these types of breaches in the future.”

In early April it was reported by Epsilon that the company had incurred a security data breach of its database of customer names and email addresses which it collects from various companies including many retail and financial firms.  Epsilon uses this database to sell its marketing services to more than 2,500 clients and send over 40 billion emails to consumers on behalf of their clients. Some of the largest retailers that use Epsilon include Best Buy, Citi, Chase, Walgreens and Marriott International.   

In the coming weeks, Blumenthal will propose legislation to address cyber-security issues in an effort to protect consumers from those who use phishing scams to acquire identification and financial information.