Bill # Bill Description Updated
S.Res. 444 Cosponsored  — A resolution relative to the death of Harlan Mathews, former United States Senator for the State of Tennessee.
S. 2303 Cosponsored  — United States Coast Guard Commemorative Coin Act
S. 2293 Cosponsored  — National Scenic Trails Parity Act
S. 2291 Cosponsored  — Peace Corps Equity Act of 2014
S.Res. 439 Sponsored  — A resolution supporting the goals and ideals of National Safe Digging Month.
S. 2292 Cosponsored  — Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act
S. 2284 Cosponsored  — Pedestrian Safety Act of 2014
S.Res. 433 Cosponsored  — A resolution condemning the abduction of female students by armed militants from the Government Girls Secondary School in the northeastern province of Borno in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
S. 2271 Cosponsored  — Green Bank Act of 2014
S. 2258 Cosponsored  — Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2014