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East Hartford Job Fair

On Wednesday, September 28th Senator Blumenthal held a Job Fair in East Hartford to connect employers in CT with potential employees.

Over 1000 people and 50 business and organizations attended the event.

Trip to Afganistan and Pakistan

Senator Blumenthal joined a congressional delegation to Pakistan and Afghanistan this past August. In Pakistan, Blumenthal met with high level Pakistani officials, including the President, Prime Minister and members of the Pakistani Senate, to urge them to better regulate materials used to create improvised explosive devices (IED’s), strengthen border security and shut down the smuggling networks used by the Taliban to obtain IED materials that kill American military personnel in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, Blumenthal was briefed on the security situation as well as ongoing reconstruction efforts by the U.S. Ambassador, U.S. AID staff and the leadership of the Afghanistan International Security Assistance Force. He met with numerous servicemen and women from Connecticut who are bravely serving throughout Afghanistan.