• Zappos Data Breach

    This week, I sent a letter to Zappos regarding the data breach of sensitive customer information after an attack on one of its servers. I am pleased that Zappos has implemented strong data security practices and appears to be responding responsibly in the wake of this breach.

  • Senate Consideration of Anti-Piracy Legislation

    Over the last several months, I have listened closely to many thoughtful comments concerning efforts to rein in foreign websites that harm economic growth by illegally trafficking in content and goods in violation of our intellectual property laws. During this period, my staff and I have consulted with many individuals and organizations on both sides of this contentious debate.

  • Online Gambling

    I have been - and will continue to be - an opponent of online gambling because of the serious risks from scams and fraud, possible misuse or loss of sensitive confidential information, identity theft, and credit card debt, as well as increased danger of gambling addiction.

  • Urging Lowes to Reconsider

    This week I sent a letter to the CEO of Lowes regarding their decision to pull its advertising from the television show “All-American Muslim” following criticism of the program by radical right-wing groups.

  • The Leadership of the CFPB

    The CFPB needs the leadership of Rich Cordray to empower and protect consumers by providing the knowledge and tools they must have to make responsible financial decisions and level the playing field by fighting the actions of unscrupulous banks and financial institutions.

  • Hidden Tracking Software on Mobile Devices

    According to reports, Carrier IQ’s software – installed on numerous mobile devices – is monitoring and logging user’s keystrokes, text messages, web history, and location without the user’s consent or knowledge. This practice is an enormous invasion of consumers’ privacy.

  • Ensuring Access to Women's Health Services in the Age of the iPhone

    One of the most trumpeted features of Apple’s new iPhone 4S is Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant that helps users with searches and other questions. However, my office is receiving complaints that Siri appears to be censoring or even manipulating search results for women’s health services from contraception to abortion.

  • We Must Make Our Rental Cars and Trucks Safe

    The tragic accident at the Harvard-Yale football game earlier this month has raised serious concerns about the safety of rental vehicles. On Monday, I sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Government Accountability Office requesting an analysis of gaps in federal oversight and safety requirements for rental vehicles.

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