• Pass the Violence Against Women Act

    As Connecticut’s attorney general, I saw firsthand how practically important and meaningful the Violence Against Women Act is to the thousands of victims of violence throughout the state. The people of Connecticut understand the importance of this legislation, and I urge House leadership to pass this bill without delay.

  • Rite Aid “Wellness Ambassadors”

    Incorporation of dietary supplements, which are not reviewed by the FDA, alongside tested and approved over the counter drugs creates the possibility for consumer confusion and possibly dangerous consequences.

  • Clear your Google Search History

    Google users cannot prevent Google from collecting their information for Google’s internal uses, they can take steps to prevent the combining of personal information to generate personalized advertisements or search results.

  • Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

    The White House announced a set of principles designed to protect consumers’ online privacy. I am pleased that the President is supporting such an effort - including a number of consumer protection measures I've proposed and worked to achieve.

  • Google's New Privacy Policies

    Google announced changes to their privacy policies and terms of service. I am troubled that these changes appear to allow greater use by Google of consumers’ information but do not give consumers the ability to opt out of such new uses of their data.

  • Help the CFPB Help You

    Anyone who has tried to make sense of his credit card bill or mortgage statement knows that these documents are often dense, difficult pages of confusing legalese. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has been working on a project to improve and simplify the disclosures for a number of consumer financial products.

  • Sports Blackouts

    League policies, federal rules, and disputes between companies have made it unreasonably difficult for fans to watch their teams play. Given the investment that fans make in their teams by purchasing tickets and merchandise and through public financing of stadiums, I believe any blackout is unfair.

  • The Buffett Rule

    I am proud to strongly support the Buffett Rule by cosponsoring the Paying a Fair Share Act of 2012.  This legislation would ensure that people with the highest income – including millionaires and billionaires – pay their fair share of taxes.

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