Two Storms, Three Months and Thousands Left Without Power

Connecticut residents have weathered two devastating storms over the last three months. With both storms resulting in massive power outages, residents counted on Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) to act quickly and effectively to restore service to hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents.

Regrettably, after both storms, CL&P failed to meet its commitment to its customers, most recently by failing to meet a self-imposed deadline to restore service to 99 percent of its customers by this past Sunday. Now CL&P is talking of rate hikes. Too many Connecticut families are struggling financially and unable to afford larger utility bills, especially when the administration of the services provided lacks consistency or credibility. 

Continuing recent failures are further evidence that a comprehensive federal investigation into CL&P’s performance is urgently needed. Along with members of our congressional delegation, I am seeking such an investigation by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.