Online Gambling

I have been - and will continue to be - an opponent of online gambling because of the serious risks from scams and fraud, possible misuse or loss of sensitive confidential information, identity theft, and credit card debt, as well as increased danger of gambling addiction. Opening the possible option for states to operate online lotteries - and perhaps other state online gambling - was a recent U.S. Department of Justice opinion, which says that federal law currently does not ban it. States now have the authority - and sole prerogative - to operate online gaming under this narrow interpretation of the federal Wire Act.

My hope is that any state beginning intrastate online gaming will include essential consumer protections to prevent scams and fraud by safeguarding personal data and verifying age. If states fail to safeguard consumers, I will support federal protections.

Another federal law, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), prohibits online financial transactions for any gambling that is illegal under state or federal law.   I support this law, which in effect, stops online gambling across state borders.